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Talking Sources: How to Find Them and Get Them to Talk

Jane Bradley, an award-winning investigative journalist at The New York Times, has tracked down some of the world’s most wanted terrorists, Russian dissidents and spies, human traffickers, shadowy business figures and whistleblowers and convinced them to talk. This session gives practical advice on how to find sources and get them to talk.

29 June 2022 – Talking Sources: How to find them and get them to talk


Jane Bradley

Jane Bradley is the UK investigative correspondent for The New York Times. She is a Pulitzer and three-time Orwell Prize finalist and is based in London, where she focuses on uncovering abuses of power, financial crime and corruption, and social injustices.
  • 29 June 2022 14.10–15.10
Location: Room LG02 - PSH Building - Goldsmiths, University of London
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