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Six Years of #MeToo Reporting [CHR]

The New York Times‘s investigation into allegations of sexual harassment and assault by the Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein in October 2017 led to an avalanche of MeToo stories in the media. These are not easy stories to tell, especially in the UK where laws around both defamation and privacy are much tougher for journalists than in the US. Rosamund Urwin, who led the investigation into the comedian Russell Brand for the Sunday Times alongside colleagues at The Times, will talk about the challenges of these types of investigations and why journalism has such a vital role in exposing allegations of abuse.

Urwin is the media editor of The Sunday Times, and before that was the paper’s Brexit correspondent. As well as leading the paper’s investigation into Brand, her major scoops include exposing the government’s “Operation Yellowhammer” planning for a no-deal Brexit and breaking the Martin Bashir scandal at the BBC.

This talk will be held under Chatham House Rules.

Rosamund Urwin

Rosamund Urwin is the media editor at The Sunday Times. She previously wrote about Brexit for the paper and has broken stories including the Yellowhammer leak of papers about a no-deal Brexit and the Martin Bashir scandal at the BBC.
  • 4 July 2024 15.50–16.50
Location: LG 02