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SCIENCE: 101 on Science Reporting

Where to find stories and how to read research papers and university and journal press releases. An explanation of scientific methods, randomised clinical trials and their importance, including assessing aspects like sample sizes, statistics and risk assessments.

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4 July 2019 – #CIJSummer 2019/DAY 1

SCIENCE: 101 on Science Reporting

Kevin McConway

Kevin McConway retired in 2016 after teaching and researching in statistics for many years at the Open University. He was academic adviser to the BBC Radio Four programme ‘More or Less’ for eleven years, and has worked with journalists and press officers in other contexts, including through the Science Media Centre where he is now a trustee and a member of the Advisory Committee.
  • 4 July 2019 10.45–11.45
Location: Room 102 - PSH Building - Goldsmiths, University of London
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