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OSINT: Uncovering digital footprints

Learn from a corporate intelligence analyst how to investigate a person’s digital footprint through interactive demonstrations and case studies.

Journalists can reveal valuable insights into a person’s identity by examining digital footprints. In this course, corporate intelligence analyst and former journalist Sarah Cammarata will walk you through the tools, techniques and tips to answer questions such as:

– How do you search, gather and analyse data from social media platforms?
– How do you find hidden social media profiles and uncover new connections?
– How can we use this data to strengthen our investigations or uncover new leads?

4 July 2024 – OSINT: Uncovering digital footprints


Sarah Cammarata

Sarah Cammarata is an OSINT practitioner and corporate intelligence analyst, investigating white collar crime. Before moving to London from Washington, DC to pursue a Master’s in War Studies from King’s College London, she worked as a reporter at POLITICO and Stars and Stripes, where she covered defence, Congress and US military branches.
  • 4 July 2024 10.40–11.40
Location: LG02