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Of War Crimes and Libel Laws: The Case of Ben Roberts-Smith VC

In one of the most important libel trials for decades, this month three Australian newspapers won a historic victory over Ben Roberts-Smith VC, Australia’s most decorated soldier, after they accused him of killing three Afghan civilians in cold blood and he sued. The dismissal of the defamation case was also a rare victory for journalists over defamation laws which, in Australia as in the UK, are unashamedly hostile to press freedom. Two of the journalists who got the story, Nick McKenzie from The Age and Chris Masters, one of the country’s most influential investigative journalists, join us from Australia. This session is via Zoom.

Chris Masters

Chris Masters worked as an investigative reporter on ABC TV's Four Corners program from 1983-2010, and was responsible for many nation-shaping reports, including The Big League in 1983, which triggered the NSW Street Royal Commission, and the Moonlight State report on police corruption in Queensland which prompted the Fitzgerald Inquiry.

Nick McKenzie

Nick McKenzie is an acclaimed Australian investigative journalist, working primarily for Melbourne newspaper The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald. He’s also presented major investigations for the ABC's Four Corners program, 60 Minutes and the Australian Financial Review.
  • 28 June 2023 10.50–11.50
Location: MRB 05 Lecture Theatre. Media Research Building.