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Financial Journalism: Follow-the-Money Case Studies

These sessions will guide you through a real life investigation into dodgy dealings, offshore scams and shell companies. Each case study will provide you with copies of actual documents that the investigators used to identify points of interest and unearth the next piece of information or set of documents. Delegates will need to look carefully through each and take part in a guided discussion to determine where they might look next.

Specific to each session
1. Glencore and the Gatekeeper
Unpicking the relationship between the world’s largest commodities trader and the top fixer for the President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

2. The Deceivers
A chain of coincidences stretches across several regions. Spot the common themes in this offshore trail, and see where it leads.

30 June 2022 – Financial Journalism: Follow-the-Money Case Studies

Case Study 1: Glencore and the Gatekeeper
Case Study 2: The Deceivers

Daniel Balint-Kurti

Daniel Balint-Kurti is an investigative journalist specialised in reporting on corruption, for outlets including OCCRP, Private Eye and Africa Confidential. Before going freelance in 2020, he was Head of Investigations at Global Witness, and has a background as a reporter and editor at The Times, AP and Reuters.

Leigh Baldwin

Leigh Baldwin is the editor of the non-profit investigative journalism organisation SourceMaterial. He was previously a corruption investigator for Global Witness and a reporter for Bloomberg News.
  • 30 June 2022 10.20–12.30
Location: Room LG01 - PSH Building - Goldsmiths, University of London
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