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Bloodline: Investigating Infected Blood

Cara McGoogan spent five years following the Infected Blood Inquiry, and conducting her own investigation into how a ‘miracle’ treatment for haemophilia called Factor VIII came to infect tens of thousands of people with HIV and hepatitis. In this session she will explain how she uncovered new evidence of pharmaceutical company wrongdoing, which was taken into the Inquiry. She will address working with documents and sensitive sources, as well as how to corale complicated reporting into a gripping narrative. Expect some teases for her new series of Bed of Lies, launching in September, about another under-reported British scandal.

Cara McGoogan

Cara McGoogan is the award-winning author of The Poison Line: Life and Death in the Infected Blood Scandal, and Bed of Lies, a documentary podcast series that investigates major British scandals. She is the Telegraph's first Narrative Audio Journalist and published her debut book last year.
  • 3 July 2024 11.40–12.40
Location: LG 02