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Oliver Bullough to speak at #CIJSummer 2022

Oliver Bullough is a journalist and author from Wales who writes about financial crime, the former Soviet Union, and offshore skulduggery will speak at #CIJSummer Conference on Wed 29 June.

He will be talking about Russian oligarch money and its relationship to the war, the role of London and other international financial centres in enabling that, the mechanisms used to hide money and what – if anything – can be done.

Oliver Bullough’s new book Butler to the World: The book the oligarchs don’t want you to read – how Britain became the servant of tycoons, tax dodgers, kleptocrats and criminals is out now.

Oliver Bullough

Oliver Bullough is an award-winning journalist and author, whose most recent book is Butler to the World. His articles appear in the Guardian, the Sunday Times, GQ magazine and elsewhere. He also writes a weekly Oligarchy Newsletter for Coda Story.
Published: 30 Mar 2022