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Exiled Turkish Journalist Can Dündar to give a talk

Veteran Turkish journalist Can Dündar will address the CIJ conference, giving insights from his life and career on how to continue to hold the powerful to account when not only your journalism, but your freedom and even your life are under threat.

Can Dündar

Can Dündar is a Turkish journalist, columnist  and writer. Editor-in-chief of center-left Cumhuriyet newspaper until August 2016, he was arrested in November 2015 after his newspaper published footage showing the State Intelligence MİT sending weapons to Syrian Islamist fighters.
Published: 13 May 2020
6 July 2020

Can Dündar: arrest, escape and exile.

Can Dündar is a distinguished Turkish journalist with over 40 years of experience writing, editing and making investigative documentaries. After his newspaper published footage in 2015 of Turkish security services channelling arms to Islamist fighters in Syria, he was arrested and spent 92 days in prison on charges of 'terrorism'.