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The Centre for Investigative Journalism

Financial Journalism at #CIJSummer Conference

We are delighted to welcome back our long-time trainer and supporter of investigative journalists Raj Bairoliya. A forensic accountant, Raj will teach journalists how to read company accounts and decode corporate PR speak.

Veteran journalist Martin Tomkinson will be sharing his knowledge on how to navigate Companies House.

There will be more financial journalism talks and classes – watch this space.

Raj Bairoliya

Raj Bairoliya is a well-known expert forensic accountant and has been teaching Understanding Company Accounts at the CIJ for 15 years. Raj frequently helps journalists and broadcasters to decipher the accounting/business aspects of a story.

Martin Tomkinson

Martin Tomkinson is a veteran investigative financial journalist and corporate researcher. He was a financial researcher for The Mail on Sunday‘s ‘Rich List’ from 2000-2004 and has worked on The Sunday Times‘ ‘Rich List’ since 2005. Martin has written for all the UK’s major newspapers.
Published: 10 Mar 2023