The Centre for Investigative Journalism
The Centre for Investigative Journalism

Training Sources in Operational Security

(90 mins) 18:00 BST & 18:00 EST

This session focuses on guidelines and frameworks to support your sources to protect their own identity. Even if you take every care to keep your own infosec practices tight, it will often mean little if you can’t also give your sources the support they need to secure their communication with you from their side.

Often, vulnerabilities are introduced at the moment a potential source approaches you, before you have any chance to give advice or support, so this session will look at methods to reduce the risks to sources at the point off first contact too.

The whole process of blowing the whistle or revealing information in the public interest can put a lot of pressure on people, so this session will also address some of the challenges of post-publication and give support and resources for dealing with these potential problems ahead of time.

Topics include:

  • First contact challenges
  • Support and resources for whistleblowers post-publication

Harlo Holmes

Harlo Holmes is the Director of Digital Security at Freedom of the Press Foundation. She strives to help individual journalists in various media organisations become confident and effective in securing their communications within their newsrooms, with their sources, and with the public at large.
  • 30 June 2021