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Henk van Ess

Henk Van Ess is an assessor of Poynter’s International Fact-Checking Network and a member of Bellingcat. He is obsessed with finding stories in (big) data. His specialisations include social media and data journalism. As an author, he has published books in Dutch, French, German, English and Italian about Google, data journalism, web research, and fantastic Facebook formulas.

OCRI Event

Climate Investigations Using OSINT and Data workshop

Participants in Nepal will after the workshop acquire skills on new and innovative tools/techniques that would enable them produce/publish in-depth investigative pieces for their respective media outlets on climate change.
Summer Conference Event
 — Talk

Open Source: Tracking Down a Most-Wanted Criminal via Instagram

What is “chronolocation” and why do we need it? How do we research deceiving Instagrams? What is wrong with Google reverse image search? What is the hidden connection between Instagram and Facebook?
Summer Conference Event
 — Workshop

Open Source: Fantastic Formulas to Filter Social Media

Who is the mysterious person behind a mining contract in the Central African Republic? What do you do when you have only a very common name and no photos? And what to do when a Twitter account is completely deleted?