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Andrew Salerno-Garthwaite

Dr Andrew Salerno-Garthwaite is a freelance journalist and editor with interests in OSINT, data journalism and international development. He was highly commended for statistical excellence in investigative journalism by the Royal Statistical Society in 2020 for his work at the Financial Times on the Democratic Republic of Congo election fraud. Andrew has worked as the Data Editor for Vogue Business, a data journalist for I by IMD, and a statistical journalist at the FT.  He has also been a  cartoonist for the Centre for Investigative Journalism , and worked as a freelance designer or editorial illustrator for The Bureau of Investigative JournalismCodaStorySifted, and The Huffington Post.

Summer Conference Event
 — Workshop

An Introduction to Statistics through Benford’s Law for Fraud Detection

If you’re wondering if there’s something a bit fishy about a dataset, but you don’t know where to start looking, you might get some relief from a weird quirk of numbers called Benford’s Law that’s ready to help in your search.