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Investigating municipal public policies on climate and the environment with the Climate Diary

During the Coda.BR Conference, the Open Knowledge Brasil (OKBR) is holding a workshop to teach how to use “Diário do Clima”. It is a tool capable of scrutinising texts in municipal official gazettes in search of projects and public policies that impact climate and environmental issues. This activity is part of the partnership with the Open Climate Reporting Initiative (OCRI).

Class duration: 1.30 hours

With Diário do Clima, it is possible to make a new database available for consultation and monitoring environmental issues. Six organisations in the ecological and transparency fields including OKBR are responsible for the tool.

Referred as the main data journalism event in Latin America, the 8th edition of the Brazilian Conference on Data Journalism and Digital Methods (Coda.Br) is held on 18 and 19 November 2023 at the Álvaro Alvim Campus, São Paulo. It features tracks of workshops, panels, keynote, flash presentation sessions as well as networking opportunities for participants. The Open Climate Reporting Initiative (OCRI) will be present at five activities.

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19 November 2023 – Investigating municipal public policies on climate and the environment with the Climate Diary

America/São Paulo (UTC-3)

Stefano Wrobleski

Stefano is the Executive Director of InfoAmazônia, where he leads on fundraising, technology and administrative efforts. Previously, he worked at Internews as the Geojournalism Coordinator for the Earth Journalism Network and was part of projects for the Amazon in the Americas team.

Giulio Carvalho

He has been working with data scraping and engineering for four years and is a graduate of the Computer Engineering course at UFPE. Since 2019, he has been an active member and part of the Python Users Group of Pernambuco (PUG-PE) organisation.


  • 19 November 2023 11.15–12.45 America/São Paulo (UTC-3)
America/São Paulo (UTC-3)