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The Centre for Investigative Journalism

Press Accelerate Empowers Gulf Region Journalists with Intensive Climate Reporting and Research Workshop

Press Accelerate organised and hosted a groundbreaking online workshop on climate reporting and research aimed at early-career and aspiring journalists and researchers in the Gulf states.

The intensive online workshop took place from September 7 to 10 and consisted of three comprehensive modules:

  • Introduction to Journalism in the Gulf
  • Reporting and Research on Climate and the Environment in the Gulf
  • Introduction to Reporting on UNFCC and COP (Conference of the Parties)

The virtual workshop was attended by nine dedicated participants, who were selected through a thorough application process and share a deep passion for advancing climate knowledge in the region. As the next phase of their journalism skill development, these participants have now enrolled in a 15-week intensive mentorship program. Throughout this program, they will receive personalised guidance and support from experienced mentors as they work on creating and publishing their own climate-related stories, thereby contributing to the ongoing discourse on climate issues in the Gulf region.

The combination of the workshop and mentorship program marks the first initiative of its kind in the Gulf, representing a significant leap forward in enhancing access to journalism in the region.

Published: 24 Sep 2023