Andy Mueller-Maguhn

Andy Mueller-Maguhn @mueller_maguhn is a member of the German hacker association Chaos Computer Club. In November 2000, he was elected to the ICANN Board of Directors which made him jointly responsible with 18 other directors for the worldwide development of guidelines and the decision of fundamental questions for the internet structure. Müller-Maguhn is the founder of the “Datenreisebüro” (‘Data Travel Agency’) which trains system administrators in data protection and data security.

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Data is often described as the new oil. Technology companies are the gatekeepers of this wealth of information; many also own the algorithms and artificial intelligence required to extract and refine it. In the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, is “surveillance capitalism” simply the business model of the internet? What is its effect on journalism and democracy, and our understanding of truth itself?

Yasha Levine, Sarah Kember, Andy Müller-Maguhn, Andrew Orlowski. Chair: William Davies