Why attend #CIJSummer?

28-30 June 2018
Goldsmiths, University of London

Whether you are a seasoned journalist, a student or an activist, or simply someone who wants to break into investigative journalism  - there's something for you at the #CIJSummer 2018. 

Are you a journalist? 
You might be an expert in one field, but there is so much more to learn and so many great people to meet and collaborate with. All in three productive days!  
“A must for any serious journalist”
We teach state-of-the-art skills: 
  • Company accounts by a forensic accountant who’s been helping journalists for years!
  • Data journalism: beginner, intermediate and advanced
  • Freedom of Information Act requests - explained by people who do it all the time and know the tricks and the pitfalls
  • Verification techniques - a must-have in the era of "fake news"
  • Covert filming - from kit to techniques 
  • Information security: a walk-in clinic. Bring your laptop and make it safe. 
  • See if knowing the basics of code can help with your investigations
We discuss hot journalistic topics:
  • Gaining audiences’ trust
  • The future of investigative journalism
  • New journalistic models
  • Behind-the-scenes at the biggest global investigations
We network and share:
  • Get inspired by other people’s work
  • Learn from their mistakes
  • Meet like minds
  • Find colleagues you can trust
  • Hang out and enjoy yourself: speakers and delegates lunch, drinks reception and oodles of networking opportunities! 
Are you an activist? 
Activists increasingly do investigative work. We can help with upgrading your techniques and introducing you to people who care. 
Learn from the professionals: 
  • Great speakers:world-class journalists with fantastic record of investigations
  • Trainers who themselves use the skills they teach 
  • Hands-on classes, which will equip you with everything you need
  • Handbooks and handouts 
Learn new skills: 
  • Company accounts
  • Data journalism: beginners, intermediate and advanced 
  • Freedom of Information Act requests - from people who do it all the time and know all tricks and the pitfalls
  • Verification techniques - a must-have in the era of "fake news"
  • Covert filming - from kit to techniques 
  • Information security: a walk-in clinic. Bring your laptop and make it safe. 
  • Meet people who care
  • Get inspired by their work
  • Network and build your team
Are you a student? 
You’ll love #CIJSummer! We don’t teach the basics of journalism; you've probably have learned them at uni. This is the advanced stuff; the things that will take your skills to another level.

Meet world-class journalists:
  • Speakers and trainers who love to talk to the delegates and share their knowledge and skills/
  • Fantastic journalists attending #CIJSummer, who are passionate about their work.
  • People willing to take real risks to uncover wrongdoing. 
Learn things in-depth:
  • Dipped your toes in data? Upgrade your education! Or start from scratch if not. 
  • Learn to read company accounts - they're full of stories.
  • Learn how to request information.
  • Upgrade your investigative method with Story-Based Inquiry.
Get inspired:
  • You will be amazed how many people want to change the world for the better.
  • How many people want to fight corruption and lies and make a real difference.
  • How many start by themselves and make a success of it.
Are you an academic? 

You already know your stuff, but coming to the #CIJSummer will keep you up-to-date with the key journalistic and investigative trends, topics and skills.

Get inspired:
  • Meet some of the best investigative journalists
  • Learn about their work and from their mistakes
  • Learn about the latest journalistic trends
  • Help us discuss hot journalistic tipics
  • Learn new skills
Get techie:
  • Advanced internet research
  • Hands-on data
  • Hands-on internet security
  • Hands-on scraping, visualisations and much more! 
  • Meet colleagues
  • Share your knowledge
  • Meet like minds
Are you not sure? 
Investigative journalism is not an exclusive club of people who meet their contacts on park benches, exchange documents and then write about it (though there are a few of those). It’s a community of people who care and want to make a real difference. 
  • So come and meet them.
  • Learn new skills: a lot of the things we teach require no prior knowledge.
  • Go behind the scenes of some of the best investigative stories.
  • Discuss issues that worry journalists today.
  • Become a journalist yourself! 
What’s included in the price: 
Days 1-3: all classes and talks on all three days, teas and coffees, speakers and delegates lunch on Sat 30 June and CIJ drinks reception on Sat 30 June. 
Days 1 or 2 or 1+2:  all classes and talks on the days selected, teas and coffees
Day 3:  all talks and networking sessions, teas and coffees, speakers and delegates lunch on and CIJ drinks reception. 
Information Security walk-in clinic - all three days.
Useful tools for journalists marketplace - Sat.
The extras: 
Books and handbooks on sale at a special rate.

Bookings are now open. BOOK HERE.