Timetable 2014

The Summer School 2014 timetable is below. Some of the sessions marked as (Rec) were recorded and are now available on the CIJ Audio and Video Resources page. 

Biographies for all our speakers can be found on the Summer School speaker page and you can also see a list of class descriptions

For more information, email: marina@tcij.org

Friday 4 July
Registration, tea and coffee - NAB Atrium
Welcome by Gavin MacFadyen, Director of the CIJ - NAB LG01
Talks: NAB LG01
Talks: NAB 302
Talks: Screen Room 1 Media Research Building 
Labs: NAB 104
Labs: NAB 105
Talks: NAB LG01
Talks: NAB 314
Talks: Screen Room 1 Media Research Building 
Lab: NAB 104
Labs: NAB 105


Saturday 5 July     
08.30-09.00 Registration, tea and coffee - NAB Atrium
09.00-09.15 Welcome - NAB LG02
  Talks: NAB LG02 NAB Atrium

Dana Priest Reporting on Intelligence: Lessons, Ideas, Sources and Methods

Computer Security Advice Clinic
10.30-11.30 Aron Pilhofer Journalists Will Save Journalism Computer Security Advice Clinic
11.45-12.45 Lena Thiele Netwarsthe Strategy of Digital Storytelling Computer Security Advice Clinic
12.45-14.00 Lunch for speakers and delegates - NAB Atrium
  Talks: NAB LG02 NAB Atrium
14.00-15.00 William Binney one of the most senior whistleblowers ever to have emerged from the shadows of the US intelligence establishment will talk about his experience. Computer Security Advice Clinic
15.15-16.15 New Financial Models for Investigative Journalism [Rec]
With Israel Mirsky (Uncoverage), Mark Watts (Exaro), Christopher Hird (TBIJ) and Miranda McLachlan (Chair)
Computer Security Advice Clinic
16.30-17.30  Julian Assange and Sarah Harrison (via Skype) will talk about whistleblowing and the surveillance state Computer Security Advice Clinic
17:40-18:40 The Police and The Press 
Nick Davies in conversation with David Leigh
Computer Security Advice Clinic
18.45-20.00 Drinks Reception for speakers and delegates - NAB Atrium


Sunday 6 July
  Talks: NAB 314 Talks: NAB 326 Talks: Screen room 1, Media Research Building Labs: NAB 104 Labs: NAB 105
09.30-10.40  Data Visualisation: Spending Stories: Get involved
Anne-Lise Bouyer
Story-based Inquiry 1: A Method Through the Madness
Using hypotheses and chronologies to frame and advance your project 
Mark Lee Hunter
Getting Scoops from Local Councils
Paul Francis and Ted Jeory
Excel 1: the Power of Data Analysis for Stories (B), Hands-on, David Donald and Crina Boros Access 1: Understanding Databases (B), Hands-on, Aron Pilhofer and Karrie Kehoe
Finding Company Data (Offshore)
Cynthia O'Murchu
Story-based Inquiry 2: Creative Techniques
Scenarisation and sourcemapping

Luuk Sengers
Nobody Has to Read Our Stuff: Finding Stories and Getting Them out There
Clare Sambrook
Open Source Data Visualisation Tools
Anne-Lise Bouyer
Access 2: Digging for the Story (B), Hands-on, Aron Pilhofer and Karrie Kehoe
12.10 - 13.20 InfoSec: Introduction to privacy and information security concepts & tools
Arjen Kamphuis
Tracking Conflict Through Social Media [Rec]
Eliot Higgins (Brown Moses)
  Story-based Inquiry 3: Practical Tools 
Using a research database and other record keeping software
Luuk Sengers
(only 19 places available)
Access 3: Joining databases for deeper analysis (B), Hands-on, Aron Pilhofer and Karrie Kehoe
13.20-14.20 Lunch
  Talks: NAB 314 Talks: NAB 326 Talks: Screen room 1, Media Research Building Labs  Labs 
14.20-15.30 Advanced Online Search and People Finding
Murray Dick
Story-based Inquiry 4: Crafting the Story a Continuous Process
Mark Lee Hunter
Covert Filming
Roddy Mansfield and Allan Harraden
Fusion Tables: Mapping your data (A) , Hands-on, Crina Boros and Karrie Kehoe Excel 2: Finding the Patterns in the Data (B), Hands-on, David Donald
15.40-16.50 Verifying Online Resources 
Murray Dick
      Excel 3: Summarising Your data for the Big Picture (B), Hands-on, David Donald
  Thank you and Goodbye