Investigative Journalism Summer Conference
Where new tools meet traditional craft
04 – 06 July 2019

This page refers to the Summer Conference that took place on 29-30 June 2018. It will be updated with information on our next Summer Conference (4-6 July 2019) in due course:

This year [2018] you can book for individual days as well as for all three days. On Thursday 28 June and Friday 29 June we will focus on practical skills, while Saturday 30 June will feature keynote talks, networking and discussions.

Please note that some classes form mini-courses and are best attended as a whole.

If a session is marked [Rec] it will be recorded and made available on our website after the conference.

Some data journalism workshops take place in computer labs where computers will be provided, but most will require you to bring your own laptops. Please see Technical Requirements page for all the info. Data concierge will be run every day to help you with installing software if you have difficulty doing it at home.

All data journalism workshops are practical, hands-on classes designed to teach participants the software and data analysis techniques used by journalists in the newsroom.

Refreshments are served several times a day (but not all the time) throughout the conference, with a speakers and delegates lunch and drinks party held on Saturday.

#CIJSummer Timetable 2018

#CIJSummer 2018 Thursday Timetable

#CIJSummer 2018 Friday Timetable

#CIJSummer 2018 Saturday Timetable