Below is a selection of handouts to support the classes at the CIJ Summer Confererence 2015 and 2016.

#CIJSummer Conference 2016

R with Caelainn Barr
R Class I
R Class II
R Class III

Data Scraping with Paul Bradshaw
Scraping for Stories
Scraping in 60 minutes
Covert Filming
Allan Harraden

Freedom of Information
Sid Ryan and Jenna Corderoy
Starting to use FoIA
Taking FoIA Further
What to ask for 

Example FoIAs
PFI Contract Start to Finish
HFD010 Schedules and Outputs Specifications
HFD011 Dispute Resolution Process
HFD012 Trust Invoices

Important FOIA Cases
Article 8 - Veolia ES Nottinghamshire Ltd v Nottinghamshire County Council & Ors [2010] EWCA Civ 1214
S41 and S43 - Sponsorship money and meeting minutes
S41 and S43 - Planning Applications from Southwark
S41 and S43 - Contract Requests with Methods Consulting
S41 and S43 - Contract Requests with Derry Council
S36 - Evans v MoD - Chilling effect arguments
S32 - Galloway EA_2008_0083
S10 - ICOGUI - Time for Compliance
Prejudice Test - Hogan and Oxford City
FoIA Section 45 Code of Practice
The Secret(-ish) Diary of Andrew Lansley (aged 58 1/4)  Panopticon Blog

Contract and PFI ICO Decision Notices
ICO Decision Notice - Full Contract - Derby
ICO Decision Notice - Full Contract - Worcester
ICO Decision Notice - Full Contract - North Bristol
ICO Decision Notice - Full Contract - Coventry
Dispute Resolution Procedures Decision Notice

John Christensen and Nick Mathiason


#CIJSummer Conference 2015

CORRECT!VE: Germany's New Investigative Outlet
David Crawford

Interactive Storytelling: an Introduction
Sandra Gaudenzi

How Much Surveillance Can Democracy Withstand?
Free Software Is Even More Important Now
Richard Stallman

Covert Filming
Allan Harraden and Roddy Mansfield

Investigating Local Councils
Paul Francis