The Centre for Investigative Journalism
The Centre for Investigative Journalism

Summer Conference

6–11 July 2020

Why Attend?

Missed it in 2019? Catch up with #CIJSummer Videos.



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Delegates’ feedback:

“Good as ever.” (2019)

“I felt so grateful to have been able to attend this conference and bittersweet about leaving. I was feeling quite stuck in my freelance career and now feel refreshed with a renewed sense of hope. And have so many ideas and tools to take home with me. Thank you for making it so accessible.” (2019)

“A very big variety and very enjoyable – and a feeling of hope! As a young investigative journalist I am very excited about the future cross-border projects with colleagues.” (2019)

“I wanted to choose a quote or caption to sum up my experience at #CIJSummer , but nothing I say will ever be able to rival the wealth of information I’ve gained, the amazing people I’ve met and the bright future that awaits the world because of them.” (2018)

“Heading home from #CIJSummer with a notebook full of advice, tips and tricks. Im buzzing with ideas…” (2018)

“Inspirational! Fantastic for overworked, underpaid journalists. ” (2017)

“Unrivalled opportunity to meet and learn with new people.” (2017)

“Learnt so much in three days that I will need three months to go through the information.”

“Probably the best and most valuable event of my life. Quality programme, quality people, well organised.”  

“The biggest disappointment was having to be in three places at once!”

“Always something to learn. Great access to speakers. Enthusiastic and knowledgeable fellow delegates.”

“A truly enlightening experience! Well worth the money!”