Summer School 2008


The CIJ Summer School 2008 took place from 18-20 July. We had more people attending than ever before and the conference was judged by all as a great success.

Just some of the comments from those who attended:

"For a rookie like me it's priceless to be around lots of experienced colleagues." 

"Hugely helpful, lots of new skills and insight, and at times inspiring. Many thanks." 

"Great networking opportunity."

"Highly useful technically and a great course for getting you all fired up about stories." 

"Very well organised, excellent speakers, relevant sessions." 

"Thank you, fantastic, I'll be there next year."


Speakers included:

John Pilger, documentary film maker, Vandana Shiva, Indian environmentalist and Nick Davies, author Flat Earth News.

We heard from Mark Schapiro, of the Centre for Investigative Reporting, San Francisco, Robert Wardle, retired head Serious Fraud Office, Professor Sheila Bird on how the news distorts statistics, and Solomon Hughes author of War on Terror Inc.

Speakers on the environment included: Irene Gerlach, Greg Muttitt, Julian Newman, Andy Rowell and James Sanders.

We also had Jim Nichol and Raphael Rowe speaking on miscarriages of justice, Drew Sullivan on investigating organised crime, Mark Hunter on testing and presenting your investigation, Paul Radu tracing the ownership of European companies, Richard Orange on local authority contracts and deals in the UK, a look at online security with Dimitri Vitaliev, and undercover filming skills with Alan Harraden.

Our courses this year included:

Law for journalists with Philip Conway, Justin Walford, Heather Rogers QC and Gavin Millar QC.  Understanding company accounts with Raj Bairoliya of FTI Forensic Accounting and a team of financial journalists.  How the Freedom of Information Act can work for you with Heather Brooke, whose stories on MPs expenses have filled the press in recent months and David Gordon, of The Belfast Telegraph who can claim a scalp.


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Talks and Training

Power and Responsibility
John Pilger recounts his career in journalism and the difficulties of reporting as part of the mainstream media.

Nick Davies’s talk about the conventions of churnalism: objectivity, balance and bad journalism.

Global Environmental Power
Mark Schapiro and Michael Warhurst gave a talk about global environmental power in the 21st century.

War on Terror
Solomon Hughes talks about reporting the war on terror.

Hijacking the Global Food Supply
Vandana Shiva, a leading Indian physicist, speaks about her ideas for changes in the practice and paradigms of agriculture and food.