1. Previous Summer Schools

    Previous Summer Schools

    See our archive of videos and reviews from our previous Summer Schools.

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    #CIJSummer Conference
    28-30 June 2018
    Goldsmiths, University of London

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    Class Information

    Details about what to expect at the 2017 CIJ Investigative Journalism Summer Conference.



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    How to get to the CIJ Investigative Journalism Conference venue at Goldsmiths, University of London.

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    Teachers and Speakers

    Some of the world's best speakers and trainers are coming to the CIJ Summer Conference. #CIJSummer

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Previous Summer Schools

The CIJ Investigative Journalism Conference and Summer School is now in its eleventh year. You can find out about previous summer schools, including listening to any talks or videos that were recorded from the list below:

Summer Conference 2017
Addressed the role for investigative journalism in a new era of 'fake news' and alternative facts

Summer School 2016
Was all about data - from hands-on workshops to stories that data can reveal.

Summer School 2015
Asked how do you approach and tell difficult stories, looking at examples both complex and harrowing.

Summer School 2014
Looked at new ways of doing investigative journalism and discussed ways for the investigative journalist to survive financially.

Summer School 2013
Focused on High Risk Investigations: taking on greedy corporations, secretive governments, cheats, criminals and predatory celebrities.

Summer School 2012
Looked at what makes a great investigative journalist and covered everything from the latest technology to tried-and-tested investigative techniques.

Summer School 2011
With stories from WikiLeaks dominating the news agenda over the last year, the main strand for the 2011 Summer School was whistleblowing.

Summer School 2010
The science strand looked at what lies beneath the spin around health, climate, and nuclear issues and the ways journalists can provide publicly available tools in sourcing arguments and counter-arguments, and evaluate the available evidence.

Summer School 2009
Talks on the economic crisis was a major theme for the 2009 Summer School.

Summer School 2008
Reporting the environment was the main strand for the 2008 Summer School.

Summer School 2007
This fifth international school concentrated on broadcast investigations, with an emphasis on the unique problems of producing investigative radio.

Summer School 2006
Computer Assisted Reporting (CAR) was the main feature of the 2006 Summer School.