Slides and Handouts From #CIJSummer 2019

Here you can find downloadable versions of several of the talks alongside notes and handouts that our speakers have put together for you.

If you want to check your own notes against the slides from a particular talk, or you weren't able to attend a session you really wanted to and would like to see the slides you missed, check the list below for the relevant session.

These documents are made available with the kind permission of our speakers. If the session you are looking for isn't listed here then unfortunately we are unable to provide documents for it.


Introduction to Data Journalism, Thursday 4th July.


Googlesheets 1-3, Thursday 4th July.

Pamela Duncan Slides

Pamela Duncan Notes


Web Scraping Without Code, Thursday 4th July.


Digging Out Research Discoveries and Science Scoops, Friday 5 July.

Julian Sturdy Slides - Sealife Mortality

Julian Sturdy Notes - SEALIFE talk


Story-Based Inquiry, Friday 5 July.

Luuk Sengers handouts