I would like to express my deep gratitude to Arjen Kamphuis for his patient and generous teaching. 

Many thanks to Gavin MacFadyen and the CIJ for commissioning and trusting us with the responsibility of writing a handbook that aims to protect his journalists and their sources, and for his information security advocacy generally.

We collectively thank the whistleblowers and hacktivists, none more than Edward Snowden, for democratising the information that we now profit from in defending ourselves, our sources, and a free press.

With solidarity and gratitude to the journalists who intend to use this manual,

Silkie Carlo – London 2016


Thanks to the heroes of the Free Software Foundation who foresaw the problems we now have 30 years ago and moved to make sure we have alternatives.

Thanks to the developers and hackers who freely share their work with all humanity.

Thanks to Gavin, Juliet and Minal at CIJ for all their great work in support of journalism (including supporting us in making this book).

Thanks to the whistleblowers for their courage and sacrifice.

And thanks to Silkie Carlo, my co-author, for curiosity, drive, grace under fire and never settling for less than her best.

I dedicate this book to my parents, Ida and Andre Kamphuis, who raised me to stand up for principles and never bow down to authorities trying to destroy them.

Arjen Kamphuis – Berlin 2014


Commissioned by the Centre for Investigative Journalism. Creative Commons Licence. (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0). 

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