Summer School 2015

Keynote Talks

US National Security, Chelsea Manning: Getting to the Truth 
Alexa O'Brien talks about her journalistic methods and the lessons she has learned covering censored and suppressed news with particular reference to the Chelsea Manning trial.

Talks and Training

DIY Investigations: Analysing Social Media
In this session, Eliot Higgins, AKA blogger Brown Moses, explored the different ways modern conflicts can be explored using content generated on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Eliot also spoke about the creation of successful independent online-based media, created by citizen journalists.

The Looting Machine: Investigating Corruption in Africa
Mapping out the networks that link kleptocrats to middlemen, multinationals and markets is the key to understanding the dark side of the globalised economy. Tom Burgis, Financial Times investigations correspondent and author of a new book on the lo