Summer School 2014

Keynote Speakers

William Binney
William Binney is one of the most senior whistleblowers ever to have emerged from the shadows of the US intelligence establishment spoke about the evolution of the US surveillance state and how the government kept it hidden to avoid exposure to the main body of congress the courts and the public. He also spoke talk about the difficulty of trying to be a whistleblower in an environment where the highest levels of government were violating the founding principles of the US republic - the Constitution.

Lena Thiele: Net Wars
Lena Thiele, Europe's leading web-creator and creative director of interactive media spoke about the strategies for interactive storytelling.

New Financial Models for Investigative Journalism
Israel Mirsky (Uncoverage), Mark Watts (Exaro), Christopher Hird (The Bureau of Investigative Journalism) looked ways of making investigative journalism a viable business in this panel discussion chaired by Miranda MacLachlan.

Talks and Training

Find the Mistakes - Before it's Too Late
How do journalists avoid pitfalls and mistakes when making investigative stories? The answer is a system of pre-publication quality control. Together with his investigative team, Nils Hanson has developed a methodological approach to fact checking and bullet proofing investigative stories that is now being adopted in other newsrooms. Participants will be taught tools to avoid being the subject of investigations themselves.

Going Undercover to Expose Racism in Housing
Award-winning BBC investigative reporter Guy Lynn on his recent scoop (winner of the 2014 CIRCOM Prize for Investigative Journalism), his investigative career and dissecting some of the techniques used to pursue investigative stories. Guy will also offer a practical assessment of the methods and skills utilised by investigative TV journalists to research, interview sources and secure hard-hitting stories.
Corruption: YanukovychLeaks from Ukraine
On February 22, volunteer divers found nearly 200 folders of documents at a lake at the residence of former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych. In this talk Natalie Sedletska and Oleg Khomenok explain how they found and published the documents. 
Digital Storytelling: What Are i-Docs? 
In this introductory class Sandra Gaudenzi explains the concept of an interactive documentary (i-Doc) and how they can change the way journalists tell stories to their audiences through direct engagement with their work. As an emerging genre, i-Docs (also known as WebDocs) are by no means a set format and give journalists and filmmakers the scope for experimentation.
Understanding Company Accounts 
In this talk, Martin Tomkinson shows you how to get the best out of the official Companies House website as well as pointing out what can’t be found here. Due to a technical problem, we have been unable to publish the video from this year, however, below is the video from Martin's 2011 talk at the Summer School.