The Centre for Investigative Journalism
The Centre for Investigative Journalism


21 October 2023

C. Orange

Orange is a Newcastle-born Digital Technologist with specialisms in Privacy and Security. Currently working at Reckon Digital, Orange supports and assists NGOs, Investigative Journalists and in digital forensics.

Eilidh MacGlone

Eilidh MacGlone has supported National Library of Scotland curators in collecting the online aspects of Scotland’s public sphere into the web archive since 2014. This has included Scottish news sites, Scottish government and more recently, the Talking about Health collections.

Ignacio Acosta

Ignacio Acosta is an artist and researcher working with photography and video in territories under pressure from extractive industries. He works in places made vulnerable through the exploitation of ecologies by colonial intervention and intensive capitalisation.

James Cruickshank

James Cruickshank founded The Digger in 2004 in the kitchen of a high-rise flat in the Possil area of Glasgow, one of the poorest parts of Europe. The Digger has gone from selling 100 copies per week to becoming the most widely read crime magazine in the city of Glasgow; it makes money, and is now established as a leader in alternative press.  A self-confessed, critic of the agencies of law and order and a staunch defender of free speech.

James Harkin

James Harkin is the director of the Centre for Investigative Journalism. He is a journalist who covers social change and political conflict and whose work appears in Vanity Fair, Harper’s, GQ, The Smithsonian, Prospect and the Guardian.

Juliet Ferguson

Juliet Ferguson manages the Access to Tools programme. She is a journalist who has worked for the Telegraph and the BBC, starting out with BBC World Service radio and ending up on the BBC’s investigative programme, Panorama.

Martin Tomkinson

Martin Tomkinson is a veteran investigative financial journalist and corporate researcher. He was a financial researcher for The Mail on Sunday‘s ‘Rich List’ from 2000-2004 and has worked on The Sunday Times‘ ‘Rich List’ since 2005. Martin has written for all the UK’s major newspapers.