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Ainslie Johnstone

Ainslie Johnstone is a data journalist and science correspondent at The Economist in London. She has previously edited the magazine’s Graphic Detail and Daily Chart sections. She writes data-driven articles on topics ranging from war and politics to science and health. These projects involve using a wide variety of different data sources, from satellite images to large text corpuses, as well as traditional reporting.  Before joining The Economist Ainslie was a researcher at the UCL Department of Neurology and has a DPhil (PhD) in Clinical Neuroscience from the University of Oxford.

Summer Conference Event
 — Panel Talk

Data Driven: How the UK’s Biggest and Best Data Desks Operate

Data journalism has been around for a very long time...but the existence of dedicated data desks in UK newsrooms is a relatively new concept. In this panel we hear from some of the key people on data desks from the Guardian, the BBC, the Economist and the Times/Sunday Times about what makes them tick (and ticks them off); what they look for when they are interviewing for data journalists; and how they see the future of data journalism in the UK and elsewhere.
Data Journalist and Science Correspondent at The Economist