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Dhaka: Climate Change Reporting for District Correspondents

The Management and Resources Development Initiative (MRDI) is conducting a three-day residential training in Dhaka, Bangladesh, aimed at enhancing climate change reporting skills for 15 district correspondents.

Class duration: 3 days

This comprehensive training equips journalists with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively report on the complex landscape of climate change, ensuring their stories resonate with accuracy and impact. Participants will be introduced to climate change concepts, dispelling myths, and mastering the essentials of climate reporting. The sessions will be focused on sharpening interview techniques, crafting compelling pitches, utilising Right to Information (RTI) for investigations, understanding climate justice, and harnessing mapping tools. The participants will also learn about the intersection of gender in reporting with climate change, investigating the climate trust fund, scrutinising global projects, and the opportunity to pitch their ideas to mentors.

Syeda Rizwana Hasan

Syeda is a lawyer of the Bangladesh Supreme Court and the chief executive of Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association (BELA). Over the past 20 years, she has been advocating for environmental protection on issues such as deforestation, pollution, unregulated shipbreaking, illegal appropriation of wetlands, cutting of hills, unregulated mining, unplanned urbanisation, commercial shrimp cultivation, and illegal land development in Bangladesh.

Hasibur Rahman

Hasibur is the Executive Director at Management and Resources Development Initiative (MRDI) and leads with a deep understanding of Bangladeshi news media, in developing a strong and independent media that exercises excellence in journalism, through research, training and production-based practical learning.

Iftekhar Mahmud

Iftekhar is a special correspondent at Daily Prothom Alo and a seasoned environment and climate change journalism expert both in newspapers and on the web. He has reported on the environment, climate change, food security, and all other natural and social sciences in national and international newspapers.

Md. Badruddoza Babu

Md. Babu is an award-winning producer and investigative journalist who is also the Head of Investigative Journalism Help Desk at the MRDI. With 21 years of experience in journalism, he has worked for many media organisations and received many accolades for his journalistic efforts against corruption and crime.

Prof. Sharmind Neelormi

She is a professor of economics at Jahangirnagar University and a leading expert on climate and gender justice in Bangladesh. Her areas of expertise include climate adaptation, with a particular focus on community-based activities, disaster risk reduction and the gender aspects of adaptation and mitigation.

Arun Karki

Based in Nepal, Arun is a leading data journalist, trainer and the founder of the Center for Data Journalism Nepal (CDJN). Since 2020, he has spearheaded various data-driven reporting projects, including COVID-19 data reporting and climate investigations, employing open-source intelligence.

Md. Ziaul Haque

Md. Haque is the Director (Air Quality Management) at the Department of Environment (DoE), Government of Bangladesh. He is an expert in the domain of environmental and climate change laws and policies.

Prof. Mizan R. Khan

Prof. Khan is the Deputy Director at the International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD), one of the leading research and capacity-building organisations working on climate change and development in Bangladesh.

Rafiqul Islam Montu

An award-winning Bangladeshi freelance journalist and a pioneer of coastal journalism in Bangladesh, Rafiqul writes reports on issues such as climate change, disasters, women’s and children’s rights, land rights, border disputes, environment, humanitarian, civic services, and development for National and International media.

Prof. Ainun Nishat

Prof. Nishat is a pioneering expert on water resource management and climate change in Bangladesh. Currently, he is involved in BRAC University as Professor Emeritus and is engaged in carrying out diversified research projects in the field of climate change and the environment.


  • 1 September 2023 Bangladesh (GMT+6)
  • 2 September 2023 Bangladesh (GMT+6)
  • 3 September 2023 Bangladesh (GMT+6)
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