Friday 9 November

09.15 onwards - Registrations and coffee

09.45-10.30 Kathryn Torney - Introduction to datajournalism:
How do computer-assisted reporting and data journalism stories get done? What steps and skills are necessary to go from start to finish? And how can you see investigative stories in a bunch of rows and columns of data? How do you wrestle data from reluctant bureaucrat? Learn about doing CAR from first efforts to the era of big data and see some exampls of award winning work. Kathryn attended the CIJ Data Journalism Bootcamp in October 2011 and was shortlisted for the first international Data Journalism Awards in April 2012.

10.30-11.30 Caelainn Barr - Excel 1: The Power of Data Analysis for Stories
Data is everywhere – from government computers to websites. This course introduces data analysis using Microsoft Excel. Spreadsheets can help reporters find story ideas in the data. Participants will learn basic calculations, rates, ratios and analytic tools that generate story ideas.

11.30-11.45 Coffee break

11.45-1.15 Caelainn Barr - Excel 2: Finding Patterns in the Data (B) hands-on
The second spreadsheet session covers built-in analytical tools, such as sorting, filtering, chart creation that help reporters quickly find great stories within databases.

1.15-2.30 Lunch

2.30-3.45 Caelainn Barr - Excel 3: Summarising your Data for the Big Picture (B) hands-on
To complete your spreadsheet toolkit, learn how to make pivot tables that will summarise trends in your data.

3.45-4.00 Coffee break

4.00-5.30 Jim Stewart - Getting the most out of the CRO (Company Registration Office).
The aim of this class is to show people how to get the best out of the official website, as well as tips on how intermediary firms can be used to search all documents on the CRO data base. See how to quickly follow several leads including ownership, subsidiaries etc.

6.00-7.15 Panel discussion on the role and importance of investigative journalism in Ireland.
The session will be chaired by Senator Susan O'Keeffe and panelists include Cormac McQuinn - Investigative Reporter, Irish Independent, Oonagh Smyth - Reporter, RTE Primetime, Conor Ryan - Investigations correspondent, Irish Examiner.

We are planning to then move to Against the Grain on Wexford Street for networking drinks so please join us!

Saturday 10 November

10.00-11.30 Gavin Sheridan - Freedom of Information
Gavin Sheridan is the co-founder of thestory, a blog dedicated to obtaining and sharing documents and data obtained through FOI and scraping. The blog is an experiment in tactical FOI requests, seeking to push the boundaries of access to information in Ireland.

11.30-11.45 Coffee break

11.45-1.15 Wojtek Bogusz - Practical Information and Communication Security for journalists
If you wonder how to: protect your computer from spyware and hackers, protect the sensitive files on your computer or destroy sensitive information, then this is a session for you. Wojtek will give practical tips and advice to improve the security of your sensitive information, maintain security of your email and instant messaging communication, and how to remain anonymous and bypass censorship on the Internet.

1.15-2.30 Lunch

2.30-3.45 Alex Plough - Google Fusion Tables
In this session you will learn how to use Google Fusion Tables to visualise data and create interactive maps. You must have a Google account for this session.