Summer School 2010

Keynote Speakers

Julian Assange: Wikileaks
Julian Assange is the main architect of the remarkably successful public interest project Wikileaks. In this talk he explains how this web-based platform for whistleblowers offers a secure place to publish internal and often secret documents that disclose injustice, corruption and murder, in the public interest.

When Famers Die: Inequality, the Agrarian Crisis and the Media
In 2006-08, Maharashtra in India saw 12, 493 farm suicides – the worst three-year period for any State, any time. P.Sainath has researched extensively into why this is happening and talks about his work, as well as how this story is reported by the media.

The Inside Story of Trafigura – Old and New Methods
How a combination methods – parliamentary privilege (old-fashioned), cross-border co-operation (innovative) and the internet (new-fangled) – were used to defeat cover-ups by lobbyists and lawyers, and expose the scientific facts with David Leigh and Paul Farrelly MP.

Talks and Training

Video Investigations
Paul Moreira talks about how he found and pursued his leads to find his story about corruption in Afghanistan. He also discusses working in dangerous places.

Investigating Roma Issues
The panelists - Georgia Lacatus (Romania), Laszlo Ligeti (Hungary) and Kristina Magdolenova (Slovakia) - look at the issues and challenges faced as journalists from minority communities in this discussion chaired by Jake Bowers