Summer School 2009

Keynote Speaker

In Search of Truth
Chuck Lewis talks about power, the news media and the public’s right to know.

Talks and Training

Investigating the Economic Crisis
Ann Pettifor and Tony Hillier disucss how to go about investigating the economic crisis.

Document Cloud
Aron Pilhofer explain about Document Cloud – a way for journalists to share source documents online.

The New Investigative Journalism Ecosystem
Chuck Lewis looks at how developments in technology can change the way that journalists work.

Exposing Spin
David Miller, co-founder of Spinwatch explains how to see past the PR spin.

MPs’ Expenses
Heather Brooke discussed how she used the Freedom of Information Act to uncover the MPs’ expenses story.

Managing and Writing Investigations
Mark Hunter shows you how to manage your research and present it as an interesting story.

Town Hall Finance
Richard Orange looks at how to go about investigating local authorities.