Mark Lee Hunter is the principal author of Story-Based Inquiry: A Manual for Investigative Journalists (UNESCO 2009), the most widely-distributed reference work in the history of the profession. He and Luuk Sengers are the founding members of Story-Based Inquiry Associates. At INSEAD, the global business school where he is an adjunct professor, he co-founded The Stakeholder Media Project. This year the project published the free e-book Power is Everywhere: How stakeholder-driven media build the future of watchdog news. Hunter is among the founding members of the MEPs Project, which this year revealed the 'ghost offices' of the European Parliament. He is the author of over 100 other investigative reports and nine books, including (along with Luuk Sengers) The Hidden Scenario and The Story Tells the Facts, as well as scholarly research on media development. He is the only person to have won awards from Investigative Reporters and Editors Inc. for both for his investigative reports and for his research on journalism. He has also won the H.L. Mencken, Clarion, National Headliners, Society of Professional Journalists and EFMD awards for features and research.