Public Talks

Community Journalism Conference Panel Talks
With Ann Field, Justin Schlosberg, Alex MacDonald; Steve Buckley, Thomas Barlow, Megan Lucero, Emma Meese
Goldsmtihs College, University of London, 1st April 2017
We brought together participants of the Community and Citizen Journalism project to network, collaborate and hear from speakers working to support the emerging sector.

Disaster Captitalism
With Antony Loewenstein
Goldsmtihs College, University of London, 13 October 2015
Journalist and author Antony Loewenstein discussed his newly released book, Disaster Capitalism: Making a Killing Out Of Catastrophe, and the film in progress, Disaster Capitalism with CIJ Director Gavin MacFadyen.

Treasure Islands
With Nicholas Shaxson
City University London, 25 May 2011
In a rare public appearance in the UK, Nicholas Shaxson, author of the acclaimed bestseller Treasure Islands, lifts the lid on where the globalisation project really went wrong.

Private Investigators – Winning over Witnesses
With Jack Palladino and Sandra Sutherland
City University London, 12 April 2011
Jack Palladino and Sandra Sutherland, husband and wife lawyers and the best-known American private investigative team for the past three decades talk about what you need to know when working with reluctant or hostile witnesses or while dealing with unpopular clients or causes.

World in Action
With Ray Fitzwalter
City University London, Ma