Frank Grevil
The CIJ talks to Frank Grevil a veteran of the Danish Intelligence service. Grevil contributed to the assessment of Iraq’s WMD capacity and in this interview discusses events in the lead-up to war and looks at what went wrong.

Adam Hochschild
Investigative journalist and author, Adam Hochschild talks about how he found and researched his book ‘King Leopold’s Ghost’.

One of the world’s leading experts on famine and hunger, P.Sainath speaks to the CIJ about the largest wave of suicides in recorded history now flaming across the Indian countryside.

Daniel Ellsberg
Probably the most famous whistleblower in US history, Daniel Ellsberg, released a top secret Pentagon history of the Vietnam War.

Julian Assange - Guide to Whistleblowing
Julian Assange explains how potential whistleblowers should approach Wikileaks, friendly journalists and other outlets.