Summer School 2016

Welcome by Gavin MacFadyen

The Importance of Investigative Journalism
The CIJ's director talks about why investigative journalism is as important as ever and the plans for the CIJ.

Keynote Speakers

Betsy Reed: The Drone Papers
Editor-in-chief of The Intercept Betsy Reed spoke about The Drone Papers project as well as new ways of doing investigative journalism.

James B. Steele: A Document State of Mind
This session by the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist explored how to find and analyse obscure reports and documents on persons, institutions, companies and programs – valuable information that is often otherwise unattainable.

New Business Models for Journalism: Building Success by Building Community
Rob Wijnberg and Ernst-Jan Pfauth talk to Mark Lee Hunter about De Correspondent  - a Dutch journalism platform that focuses on background, analysis, investigative reporting.

Talks and Training

The Ferret: Nosing Up The Trousers Of Power
Rachel Hamada and Peter Geoghegan explain how The Ferret has evolved into a worker- and reader-owned cooperative, how it is exploring different methods of funding, including crowdfunding and subscriptions, learn from its successes and its challenges and discover what its goals are for the future.

Open Refine
Jonathan Stoneman's hands-on introduction to the most powerful free data cleaning tool.

Data Scraping for Journalists I and II
In this hands-on session Paul Bradshaw introduces some of the basic techniques to get started on scraping data for investigations.

James B. Steele: Masterclass
To support his Saturday keynote speech, James B. Steele gave this masterclass on the role played by documents in investigative journalism.