Statement on the death of Lyra McKee

The CIJ strongly condemns the killing of Lyra McKee, one of Northern Ireland’s most promising young investigative journalists and writers, on Thursday night in the Creggan area of Derry. McKee, Belfast-based and an editor at Mediagazer, had written for publications including Buzzfeed News and The Atlantic, and was a rising star of investigative journalism; she’d recently signed a two-book deal with London publisher Faber & Faber, and her work brilliantly combined the tools of investigative reporting with the flair of novelistic storytelling.

Her senseless death, amid heavy rioting and very likely the result of indiscriminate shooting by dissident Republicans, is a reminder that investigative journalists don’t just get killed ‘over there’. The CIJ calls on all parties to the conflict in Northern Ireland to respect the freedom of journalists to operate, without which we won’t find out what’s going on there.