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The Centre for Investigative Journalism

From classroom to virtual room: CIJ training online

As for many around the world, the rapid spread of Covid-19 and subsequent lockdowns have forced us into a virtual world but we are happy to announce that we are already able to offer most of our training online.

The CIJ has 17 years’ experience of delivering world class, classroom-based teaching and training. In the past, we have explored the possibility of delivering training online so that we could reach a wider audience – those who couldn’t afford to travel, or specialised training and support over a longer period that wouldn’t be practicable for trainers or delegates to travel to and from – but such has been the demand for classroom-based training, this has never moved beyond the planning stage. Until now.

However, this was no small task. Our training is effective because it is hands-on and highly participatory. We couldn’t just record some videos and call it CIJ training. Equally, sending people a whole bunch of materials, in the style of washing machine operating manuals, and expecting them to master it all on their own at home wasn’t the answer either.

What we are offering is online training in small groups, allowing you to have direct contact with the trainer, and hands-on exercises for you to practice what you’ve learnt.  We’re offering training for larger groups too, where the content is less hands-on but the methods are just as interactive. All the courses have been specifically adapted to the online format.

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