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The Centre for Investigative Journalism

3rd CIJ Logan Symposium


19–20 October 2018

Alfredo Cramerotti

Alfredo Cramerotti is a writer, curator and broadcaster, director of MOSTYN Visual Arts Centre in Wales. He is also the founder of CuratorWork, and Head Curator of APT (the Artist Pension Trust). His book Aesthetic Journalism was one of the first to recognise the contemporary blurring of aesthetic and information practices, and to address the […]

Anand Gopal

Anand Gopal is a journalist and author of No Good Men Among the Living: America, the Taliban and the War Through Afghan Eyes, which describes the travails of three Afghans caught in the war on terror. It was a finalist for the 2015 Pulitzer Prize for general non-fiction, the 2014 National Book Award and the 2015 Helen Bernstein Award.

Andrew Orlowski

Andrew Orlowski is a British columnist, investigative journalist and executive editor of the IT news and opinion website The Register.

Andy Mueller-Maguhn

Andy Mueller-Maguhn is a member of the German hacker association Chaos Computer Club. In November 2000, he was elected to the ICANN Board of Directors which made him jointly responsible with 18 other directors for the worldwide development of guidelines and the decision of fundamental questions for the internet structure.

Anna Belkina

Anna Belkina is RT’s deputy editor in chief and head of communications, marketing and strategic development. Anna has provided expertise to the Foreign Affairs Select Committee of the UK Parliament, has appeared as a speaker at the World Economic Forum in Davos, the Westminster Media Forum, the Global Editors Network and a range of other […]

Barret Brown

Barrett Brown is a writer and anarchist activist. His work has appeared in The Guardian, The Intercept, Al Jazeera, and dozens of other outlets. He founded Project PM, a think tank, assigned to oversee an investigation into the private espionage industry and the intelligence community.

Betsy Reed

Betsy Reed is the Editor-in-Chief of The Intercept. Previously, she was Executive Editor of The Nation, where she led the magazine’s award-winning investigative coverage. She has edited several best-selling books, including Jeremy Scahill’s “Blackwater” and “Dirty Wars.” Reed co-edited the New York Times best-seller “Going Rouge: Sarah Palin, An American Nightmare” with Richard Kim.

Charlotte Cook

Charlotte Cook is a documentary film programmer, curator, producer and co-founder of Field of Vision. Cook was also the Director of Programming at Hot Docs for four years; she has also worked with BBC Storyville, the Channel 4 BritDoc Foundation’s Puma Creative Catalyst Fund and the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Chris Woods

Chris Woods is the founder and Director of Airwars, where he leads on research, investigations and military advocacy. A conflict specialist, he worked for the BBC’s Newsnight and Panorama as a senior producer for many years.

Delphine Halgand-Mishra

Delphine Halgand-Mishra is the Executive Director of The Signals Network. She previously served for six years as Reporters Without Borders’ North America Director, advocating for journalists, bloggers, and media rights worldwide.

Duncan Campbell

Duncan Campbell is a freelance journalist. He was the crime correspondent of the Guardian, the chairman of the Crime Reporters’ Association and has previously worked for LBC Radio, Time Out and City Limits magazines, and Robert Maxwell’s London Daily News.

Ed Moloney

Ed Moloney is a journalist and film-maker who has made the Troubles in Northern Ireland his speciality. The former Northern editor of The Irish Times and The Sunday Tribune, he is the author of three books: ‘A Secret History of the IRA’, ‘Voices From the Grave’ and ‘Paisley – From Demagogue To Democrat?’.

Eliot Higgins

Eliot Higgins is the founder of the multi-award winning investigative collective Bellingcat. He started his investigative career by blogging under the name Brown Moses about the weapons used in the conflict in Syria.

Eoin McNamee

Eoin McNamee is the author of eighteen works of fiction, including Resurrection Man, later filmed, and The Ultras, which deals with the disappearance of Robert Nairac in South Armagh and the covert war in the north of Ireland.

Eyal Weizman

Eyal Weizman is an architect, professor of spatial and visual cultures and director of the Centre for Research Architecture at Goldsmiths, University of London. In 2010 he set up the research agency Forensic Architecture (FA) and in 2007 he set up, with Sandi Hilal and Alessandro Petti, the architectural collective DAAR in Beit Sahour/Palestine.

Fabio Natali

Fabio Natali is a London-based information security advisor, software architect, and consultant. His interests lie at the intersection of technology, ethics, and politics. As an information security consultant, he has worked with and provided support to investigative journalists, activists, and human rights organisations, from the UK and abroad.

Frederik Obermaier

Frederik Obermaier is a Pulitzer-Prize winning investigative reporter for the Munich-based Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany’s leading broadsheet. He is one of the two reporters first contacted by the anonymous source of the Panama Papers, the leaked documents that prompted a global investigation involving hundreds of journalists.

Gabriella Coleman

Gabriella Coleman holds the Wolfe Chair in Scientific and Technological Literacy at McGill University. Trained as an anthropologist, her scholarship explores the intersection of the cultures of hacking and politics, with a focus on the sociopolitical implications of the free software movement and the digital protest ensemble Anonymous.

Gill Phillips

Gill Phillips is a lawyer who works in-house as the Director of Editorial Legal Services for Guardian News & Media Limited, advising on a range of content-related matters including defamation, privacy, contempt of court and reporting restrictions.

Glenn Greenwald

Glenn Greenwald is one of three co-founding editors of The Intercept. He is a journalist, constitutional lawyer, and author of four New York Times best-selling books on politics and law. His most recent book, “No Place to Hide,” is about the U.S.

Iona Craig

Iona Craig is a freelance print and broadcast journalist. Based in Yemen from 2010 to 2015 as The Times (London) Yemen correspondent she regularly returns to the country to cover the ongoing civil war.

Jake Davis

Jake Davis is a former hacker. He has worked with Anonymous, LulzSec, and similar hacktivist groups. He was an associate of the Internet group Anonymous which has publicly claimed various online attacks, including hacking HBGary, Westboro Baptist Church, and Gawker.

James Harkin

James Harkin is the director of the Centre for Investigative Journalism. He is a journalist who covers social change and political conflict and whose work appears in Vanity Fair, Harper’s, GQ, The Smithsonian, Prospect and the Guardian.

James Risen

Jim Risen, a best-selling author and former New York Times reporter, is The Intercept’s senior national security correspondent, based in Washington, D.C. He won the 2006 Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting for his stories about the National Security Agency’s domestic spying program, and he was a member of the reporting team that won the 2002 Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Reporting for coverage of the September 11 attacks and terrorism.

Jane Bradley

Jane Bradley is the UK investigative correspondent for The New York Times, and an award-winning investigations correspondent for BuzzFeed News and Pulitzer Prize finalist for an investigative series on fourteen suspicious Russia-linked deaths on British soil.

Jesselyn Radack

Jesselyn Radack is a national security and human rights attorney known for her defense of whistleblowers, journalists, and hacktivists. She has represented National Security Agency whistleblowers Edward Snowden and Thomas Drake.

Julie Posetti

Julie Posetti is Senior Research Fellow at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at Oxford University, where she leads the Journalism Innovation Project. A multi-award winning journalist formerly with the ABC, she authored UNESCO’s Protecting Journalism Sources in the Digital Age and co-anchors the Working With Whistleblowers Project for Blueprint for Free Speech.

Laurent Richard

Laurent Richard is a French award-winning investigative journalist and 2017 Knight-Wallace fellow. He is co-founder of the highly reputed inquiry magazine Cash Investigation broadcast on French public television.

Lauri Love

Lauri Love is a computer scientist from Stradishall in the UK who has a long history of involvement in political activism. He played a prominent role in the student and Occupy movements in Glasgow during 2011-12.

Mary Dejevsky

Mary Dejevsky has worked as a former foreign correspondent in Moscow, Paris and Washington; she was in Moscow during the collapse of communism and the dissolution of the Soviet Union. She writes a weekly column for The Independent, and contributes also to The Guardian and other publications.

Matt Kennard

Matt Kennard is an investigative journalist and co-founder of Declassified UK, a news outlet covering British national security issues. He worked as a staff writer for the Financial Times in the US and UK and is the author of two books, Irregular Army (2012), which investigated the degradation of the US military during the War […]

May Jeong

May Jeong is an award-winning magazine writer and investigative reporter. She is best known for her months-long investigation into the MSF hospital bombing in Kunduz, Afghanistan for The Intercept. This won her the 2017 South Asian Journalists Association’s Daniel Pearl Award for Outstanding Report on South Asia, as well as the Prix Bayeux Calvados Award for War Correspondents in the Young Reporter category.

Molly Crabapple

Molly Crabapple is an artist and writer in New York. Brothers of the Gun, her illustrated collaboration with Syrian war journalist Marwan Hisham, was published in May 2018. Her reportage has been published in the New York Times, New York Review of Books, The Paris Review, Vanity Fair, The Guardian, VICE, and elsewhere.

Mowaffaq Safadi

Mowaffaq Safadi is a Syrian freelance journalist who works across broadcast and print media. He writes regularly for Arabic and Syria-opposition websites and was a presenter for Syrian radio station Hawa Smart.

Muhammad Rabbani

Muhammad Rabbani is the International Director of CAGE. He has been instrumental in bringing to light abuses of torture and human rights violations, seeking justice and accountability for victims. Rabbani has spent his life committed to promoting the welfare of his community and upholding the fundamental principles of due process and the rule of law.

Mustafa Al-Bassam

Mustafa Al-Bassam is a security researcher and hacker who co-founded LulzSec, a high-profile hacking group which made headlines in 2011 for its hacks on Sony, Fox and the FBI. As a result, he was legally banned from the Internet for almost two years as a condition of his bail.

Naomi Colvin

Naomi Colvin is a whistleblower advocate with a particular interest in the space where whistleblowing and hacking meet. She writes on information politics at New Internationalist and a few other places besides.

Nour Samaha

Nour Samaha is a freelance journalist based in Beirut, Lebanon. She has been covering the region for over a decade, with a specific focus on Syria, Lebanon and Israel-Palestine. She has produced in-depth reports and investigations from the ground for publications including The Intercept, The Century Foundation, Al Monitor, Al Jazeera and Foreign Policy.

Patrick Cockburn

Patrick Cockburn is an award-winning writer on The Independent who specialises in analysis of Iraq, Syria and wars in the Middle East. In 2014 he forecasted the rise of Isis before it was well known, and has written extensively about it and other players in the region.

Paul Lashmar

Paul Lashmar is Deputy Head of Journalism at City, University of London. His research interests include investiga­tive journalism, intelligence-media relations, organised crime reporting, digital journalism and media bias.

Pavla Holcová

Pavla Holcová is the founder of the Czech Center for Investigative Journalism. She is a co-recipient of the Global Shining Light Award and European Union investigative journalism prize. Pavla is closely working with Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) as regional editor and has also worked on various international projects and investigations such as […]

Renzo Martens

Renzo Martens is a Dutch artist and filmmaker and currently serves as director of the Institute for Human Activities. In his first film, Episode 1, Renzo travels to Chechnya to adopt a rarely defined role in contemporary war: that of its spectator.

Sarah Kember

Sarah Kember is Professor of New Technologies of Communication at Goldsmiths, and Director of Goldsmiths Press. She works on gender and artificial intelligence and has written several articles on face recognition technology.

Saska Cvetkovska

Saska Cvetkovska is investigative reporter on corruption, the illicit arms trade and the global information wars. She works for the Investigative Reporting Lab Macedonia, a NGO whose mission is to fight disinformation with real reporting and an interdisciplinary approach.

Silkie Carlo

Silkie Carlo is the Director of Big Brother Watch. She is a lifelong campaigner for the protection of civil liberties, particularly in the context of new and emerging technologies. She works to uphold rights in the fields of state surveillance, policing technologies, big data, artificial intelligence and free expression online.

Sinéad O’Shea

Sinéad O’Shea is an award winning journalist and filmmaker. She has made films and reports for the BBC, Al-Jazeera English, the Guardian, RTE and the Irish Times.

Sonia Kennebeck

Sonia Kennebeck is an independent documentary filmmaker and investigative journalist with more than 15 years of directing and producing experience. She has directed eight television documentaries and more than 50 investigative reports.

Stefania Maurizi

Stefania Maurizi works for the Italian daily la Repubblica as an investigative journalist, after ten years working for the Italian newsmagazine l’Espresso. She has worked on all WikiLeaks releases of secret documents, and partnered with Glenn Greenwald to reveal the Snowden files about Italy.

Stéphanie Gibaud

Stéphanie Gibaud is a public relations expert, event marketing specialist and whistleblower. In 2008, while working for the Marketing department of UBS, her employer asked her to shred documents while an investigation by the French government was taking place.

Stephanie McCrummen

Stephanie McCrummen is a national enterprise reporter for The Washington Post. She was a leading member of the team that won the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting on the U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore, which included exposing an attempted sting aimed at undermining the work.

Stephen Grey

Stephen Grey is a British investigative journalist and special correspondent for Reuters. He has published several books including The New Spymasters and Ghost Plane, which revealed details of the CIA’s program of ‘extraordinary rendition.’ He has also reported extensively from the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Theodore A. Postol

Theodore A. Postol is Professor Emeritus of Science, Technology, and National Security Policy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He has also worked at Stanford University, as a technical and Policy Advisor to the Chief of Naval Operations, as an analyst on nuclear weapons systems for the Congress of the United States, and as a member of the science research staff at Argonne National Laboratory.

Thomas Hargrove

Thomas Hargrove, a former investigative journalist, is Chairman of the nonprofit Murder Accountability Project in Washington.

Vanessa Gezari

Vanessa Gezari is National Security Editor at The Intercept and author of The Tender Soldier, a narrative nonfiction account of the Human Terrain System, a controversial U.S. Army program that sent civilian social scientists into combat with soldiers to try to help the military understand local culture in Iraq and Afghanistan.

William Davies

William Davies is Reader in Political Economy at Goldsmiths, University of London, and Co-Director of the Political Economy Research Centre. His latest book is Nervous States: How feeling took over the world, and the edited collection Economic Science Fictions.

Yasha Levine

Yasha Levine is a Russian-American investigative journalist and author. Levine, is a former editor of Moscow-based satirical newspaper The eXile. He is the author of the 2018 book Surveillance Valley: The Secret Military History of the Internet.