The CIJ Logan Lecture

Fri 19 October at 11:00am.
Curzon Goldsmiths.

For the 2018 CIJ Logan Lecture, the Centre for Investigative Journalism was delighted to welcome Eric Olson to London for a very special talk entitled, “Growing up with fake news — consciousness lost and re-gained.

As part of the programme of our 2018 CIJ Logan Symposium, we were proud to present the inaugural CIJ Logan Lecture. A public session that opened out the conference to a wider audience and reflected on abuses of power by those in positions of influence and responsibly. This session ran independently to the conference and was open to the public.


Eric Olson is the principle investigative source and leading narrative voice for the six-part Errol Morris 2018 docudrama miniseries “Wormwood,” now available in 190 countries on Netflix. Eric is the son of Frank Olson, an American biological warfare scientist and Central Intelligence Agency employee, who died in 1953 in what was initially called an “accident,” after “falling or jumping” from a hotel window.



Twenty-two years later, in 1975, the CIA claimed that Olson’s death had in fact been an LSD suicide. In 1976 the Olson family received a financial settlement from Congress, after receiving the only Presidential Oval Office apology ever given to anyone in the whole of American history, bestowed by Gerald Ford, but engineered by his chief aides Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney. Subsequent investigations by Eric and others have shown that the LSD story was yet another layer of coverup of what was in fact a brazen murder — a secret execution. Sixty-five years after the incident occurred, a process is underway in New York to have the death officially re-classified as a “Homicide.”

This lecture is about the life and work of Eric Olson, centred around three questions that have obsessed him.

Here is the lecture in full:

CIJ Logan 2018: Growing up with fake news — consciousness lost and re-gained



To find out more about Eric and Frank Olson visit the Olson Project.