Gill Phillips

Gill Phillips is a lawyer who works in-house as the Director of Editorial Legal Services for Guardian News & Media Limited who advises on a range of content-related matters including defamation, privacy, contempt of court and reporting restrictions. She was involved in the Trafigura super injunction case, and has been involved in advising GNM publications on Wikileaks, Edward Snowden, and various big data leak stories such as the Panama and Paradise Papers. She also sits as a part-time Employment Tribunal Judge and co-authors the University of Law Employment Law handbook.

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The American authorities are increasingly resorting to The Espionage Act 1917 to prosecute journalists, and the British Government prepares its own Espionage Act which conflates journalists, whistleblowers and spies. As TV channels and NGO’s are asked to register as a “foreign agents” and Wikileaks is identified as a “hostile intelligence service”, we ask questions about the relationship between journalism and espionage. Are journalists still being used as spies and informants by intelligence agencies? How best can we best protect ourselves and those we work with against the allegation of spying?

Speakers: Anna Belkina, Stefania Maurizi, Gill Phillips, Paul Lashmar. Chair: Betsy Reed.