Dr Anastasia Denisova

Dr Anastasia Denisova @AnaDenisova is a Lecturer in Journalism at the University of Westminster, who writes about memes, virality and politics. Before her academic career, Anastasia worked as a TV news editor and reporter, travel editor and lifestyle columnist. Next year, she will publish her first book, Internet Memes and Society.

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From the rise of an internet-fuelled alt-right to the therapeutic language of trigger warnings and safe spaces on the left, the new online culture wars are rapidly advancing into what remains of the mainstream media. In this viciously partisan new environment thick with wild conspiracies, anonymous accusations, and the weaponised investigation of one’s political opponents, how should journalism, with its traditional concern for the truth, respond?

Angela Nagle, Stephanie McCrummen, Anastasia Denisova, Marc D Tuters. Chair: James Harkin