Laurent Richard 

Laurent Richard is a French award-winning investigative journalist and 2017 Knight-Wallace fellow. He is co-founder of the highly reputed inquiry magazine Cash Investigation broadcast on French public television. Richard worked on many fields such as Iraq, Palestine, Kashmir and has also investigated multiple corporate sectors such as “big tobacco”, pharmaceutical companies, financial institutions… Laurent Richard is the co-author of the book Reporting Is Not a Crime. Stand Together Against Censorship, (Informer n’est pas un délit, ensemble contre les nouvelles  censures).

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Many serious reporters now make their living as freelancers, with even less support than they enjoyed before. With mafia states, organised crime, and international jihadism circling the profession, what are the contemporary occupational hazards for independent journalists, and what can be done to protect them?

Pavla Holcova, May Jeong, Laurent Richard, and Michael Scott Moore. Chair: Colin Pereira