As well as teaching practical skills to investigative journalists, the CIJ has a reputation as a laboratory for real innovation, incubating and supporting promising new experiments in investigative journalism. In our talks, events, and symposia too, we’re a nimble inter-disciplinary think-tank, teaching journalists how to think critically and opening out investigative journalism to draw in hackers, artists, thinkers, lawyers, experts and public intellectuals. In the era of ‘fake news’, we’re interested in the theory of investigative journalism as well as it’s practice  – not for its own sake or for academic purposes but to stimulate creative, courageous thinking about what investigative journalism has become and where we want it to go from here.

In exciting news, our Director James Harkin has been awarded a prestigious Shorenstein Fellowship at the Kennedy School, Harvard University for a project on “fake news” and investigative journalism.

14/09/2017 A talk from one of the founders of Pussy Riot on Russia’s Official Media, and how to subvert it.

02/11/2017 Watch excerpts from Jimmy Wales’ conversation with James Harkin on establishing the WikiTribune and public trust in the media industry.

23/01/2018 Misha Glenny talks on adapting his investigative work into fiction for the BBC series McMafia.

From his reports on the massacre at My Lai, to his exposure of the horrors of Abu Ghraib, to his more recent attempts to get to the bottom of the circumstances of Osama Bin Laden’s death and the conflict in Syria, Seymour Hersh has over five decades made a reputation as one of the world’s […]