The Whistleblower

Saturday 28 January 4.00pm
City University London
Germany, Canada 2011
Directors: Larysa Kondracki
Producers: Christina Piovesan, Celine Ratray
Language: English

Based on a true story, Kathy Bolkovac (Academy Award-winner Rachel Weisz) is a Nebraskan police officer who takes a job working for the United Nations as a peacekeeper in post-war Bosnia. Her expectations of helping to rebuild a devastated country are dashed when she unveils a different reality: corruption and cover-up amidst a world of UN contingents, private contractors, and diplomatic doubletalk.

Once in Bosina, Kathy quickly works her way up the ranks, working with local cops to bring about the first domestic violence conviction in Bosnia since the war. Kathy’s quick wit, and policing experience soon brings her a new position: As head of the UN’s Gender Office, which deals with investigations into sexual assault, domestic abuse and sex trafficking.

She soon realizes that peacekeepers, UN workers and international police are not only frequenting the brothels housing and abusing trafficking victims, but are complicit in the trade forging documents, aiding th