Saturday 19 January 2.00pm
Oliver Thompson Theatre, City University London
UK Premiere

France 2012
Directors: Paul Moreira
Producers: Luc Hermann
Language: Dubbed in English

Internet technology made the Arab spring possible. It also enabled the outside world to see whatwas happening in the otherwise closed countries like Libya and Syria. But there is another side to technology – surveillance. And the governments, including those in the Middle East, are getting better in tracking communications, establishing geo-localisations and filter content.

From the digital war between the Syrian government and Syrian activists supported by hackers from around the world, to an investigation into who supplies internet and surveillance technology the corrupt regimes,  Paul Moreira looks at the role of information and surveillance. Good and bad.
Paul Moreira is a French investigative reporter and founder of Premières Lignes, an independent French television news agency producing investigative documentaries for French networks and international distribution.
His investigative documentary 'Iraq, a Nation&#