Previous Events

Dirty Secrets: War Profiteering
Pratap Chatterjee, one of the leading investigative journalists looking into corporate corruption in the US, discussed the methodology of identifying key players, finding military contracts, and uncovering corruption, while examining other related contracts for training the Afghan police and Kuwaiti-based companies that have been used to supply food to the US military in Iraq. This talk was...
Monday 17 May 2010 Room A130, College Building, City University London Full details
Perugia Journalism Festival
The festival brings together the opportunity to listen and network with the best of world journalism. Gavin MacFadyen, the CIJ director, will be speaking on a panel to discuss new business models for journalism. For more information visit the Perugia Journalism Festival website. This talk was recorded watch: Non-Profit to the Rescue?
Wednesday 21 April 2010 - Sunday 25 April 2010 Perugia Full details
Rise of the Superinjunction
This is not a CIJ event. It’s one of the world’s oldest democracies, but just how free is the British media? To debate the Frontline Club welcomes Guardian investigations editor David Leigh, Carter Ruck partner Nigel Tait, science writer Simon Singh and David Hooper, a media law specialist and partner at Reynolds Porter Chamberlain. The event is chaired by Clive Coleman, presenter of...
Tuesday 13 April 2010 Frontline Club Full details
Tax, Financial Secrecy and Investigative Journalism
This is not a CIJ event.This seminar inaugurates a series of events focused on Investigative Journalism and Law.
Wednesday 10 February 2010 Room 107, New Academic Building, London School of Economics. Full details
CIJ Investigative Film Week 2010
The CIJ screened some of the best examples of investigative documentaries, followed by discussions with the filmmakers.
Tuesday 2 February 2010 - Saturday 6 February 2010 Oliver Thompson Theatre, City University London Full details
Food Industry's Dirty Secrets
A discussion about the shocking realities of the global food industry with Raj Patel and Professor Timothy Lang. Chaired by Gavin MacFadyen, Director of the CIJ.
Thursday 3 December 2009 Room A130, College Building, City University London Full details
Netzwerk Recherche Annual Journalism Conference
This is not a CIJ event. Meet international research experts who share their experiences and methods. Hear about this year’s most intersting research in Germany and participate in ongoing debates – including a debate about new media models featuring; Jakob Augstein (from Freitag), Hans-J√ºrgen Jakobs (from S√ºddeutsche Zeitung), and blogger Stefan Niggemeier.
Friday 5 June 2009 - Saturday 6 June 2009 German Association Netzwerk Hamburg Full details
Screening: The Dust at Acre Mill, World in Action
This is not a CIJ event. Regarded as a classic edition of the Granada Television current affairs series World in Action, The Dust at Acre Mill, transmitted on 28 June 1971, was the first programme to bring the lethal dangers of ill-protected contact with asbestos to the attention of the general public. Combining simple reconstruction with the testimony of former workers in the asbestos industry,...
Friday 29 May 2009 Frontline Club Full details
Kony and the Lord's Resistance Army:The Last Chapter?
This is not a CIJ event. Debate chaired with:Peter Eichstaedt (IWPR)Barney Afako (Ugandan lawyer at Juba peace talks)Joseph Ochieno (UK representative for Uganda People’s Congress)Anneke van Woudenberg, senior researcher on the Democratic Republic of Congo at Human Rights Watch.
Thursday 16 April 2009 Frontline Club Full details
Screening: The Reckoning
This is not a CIJ event. Followed by Q&A with director Pamela Yates and producer Paco de Onis. ‘The Epic Story of the Battle for the International Criminal Court’ Late in the twentieth century, in response to repeated mass atrocities around the world, more than 120 countries united to form the International Criminal Court (ICC) – the first permanent court created to...
Friday 27 March 2009 Frontline Club Full details