Previous Events

Sonia Shah: The Truth About the Pharmaceuticals
Frontline Confidential in association with the CIJ. A report from Sonia Shah on unsupervised drug trials by big pharmaceutical companies in the developing world that have caused death and serious illness.
Monday 6 November 2006 Frontline Club Full details
Deception: The Sale of Nuclear Weapons Technology
Frontline Confidential in association with the CIJ. Investigative journalists Adrian Levy and Catherine Scott-Clark reveal a vast nuclear black-market sanctioned by Pakistan’s military elite, financed by aid money from the US, Saudi Arabia and Libya and receiving assistance from China.
Monday 25 September 2006 Frontline Club Full details
A Question of Torture
Frontline Club Public Forum. Professor Alfred McCoy, speaking on the historical origins of the scientific study interrogation in the post-war US and Russian security services. McCoy, who first documented the controversial relationship between opium gum-base production in the ‘golden triangle’ and the US government, recently published a groundbreaking study on state terror and torture.
Friday 21 July 2006 Frontline Club Full details
Crisis in US Investigative Reporting
Frontline Club Public Forum. Chuck Lewis, founder and chief executive of the Washington DC-based Center for Public Integrity, speaking on the failure of the US mainstream media to confront the Iraq war. Lewis is one of the most awarded anti-corruption journalists in the US whose books exposed the detail of congressional fraud and financial misrepresentation.
Thursday 20 July 2006 Frontline Club Full details
Extraordinary Rendition
Frontline Confidetial in association with the CIJ A discussion with Stephen Grey on the history and methods of his landmark investigation into ‘extraordinary rendition’ and the outsourcing of torture.
Monday 1 May 2006 Fontline Club Full details
Web of Corruption: Inside the Poulson Affair
Frontline Club Public Forum. Investigative journalist Ray Fitzwalter speaks about the scandal and the endless lessons – many already forgotten – that the story held for journalists. The Poulson Affair was an underrated and underreported story of corruption that reached every level of government in Britain. Fitzwalter was for 15 years the editor and executive producer of Britain’...
Wednesday 5 April 2006 Frontline Club Full details
The Zircon and Escholon Scandals
Frontline Club Public Forum. Presented by Duncan Campbell. An extraordinary investigation into the vast government spying on ordinary citizens that resulted in Special Branch police raids on his offices.
Tuesday 28 February 2006 Frontline Club Full details
Sources Real and Unreal
Frontline Club Public Forum With Jeff Katz, Chief Executive of Bishop International, who has been responsible for hundreds of inquiries, ranging from due diligence investigations of controversial public figures to investigations involving homicide and political corruption. He speaks about the murky world of corporate investigation. And on plausible fraudsters who have hoodwinked journalists...
Thursday 12 January 2006 Frontline Club Full details
The EU Whistleblower
Frontline Club Public Forum. With Hans-Martin Tillack of Stern and Stephen Grey of The Sunday Times discussing the arrest of a leading investigative journalist pursuing corruption in Belgium “We have witnessed a gigantic fishing expedition in which Belgian police have been used by the European anti-corruption authority OLAF to try to intimidate a reporter. The campaign against [Tillack] has...
Monday 24 October 2005 Frontline Club Full details
Using the Freedom of Information Act
Frontline Club Public Forum. A talk on journalists’ use of the new Act, its possibilities and exclusions, including the use of the Act in the USA, and methods and approaches to effective use by Heather Brooke, author of Your Right to Know.
Monday 17 October 2005 Frontline Club Full details