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Sources Real and Unreal
Frontline Club Public Forum With Jeff Katz, Chief Executive of Bishop International, who has been responsible for hundreds of inquiries, ranging from due diligence investigations of controversial public figures to investigations involving homicide and political corruption. He speaks about the murky world of corporate investigation. And on plausible fraudsters who have hoodwinked journalists...
Thursday 12 January 2006 Frontline Club Full details
The EU Whistleblower
Frontline Club Public Forum. With Hans-Martin Tillack of Stern and Stephen Grey of The Sunday Times discussing the arrest of a leading investigative journalist pursuing corruption in Belgium “We have witnessed a gigantic fishing expedition in which Belgian police have been used by the European anti-corruption authority OLAF to try to intimidate a reporter. The campaign against [Tillack] has...
Monday 24 October 2005 Frontline Club Full details