#LOGANCIJ: Richard Brooks on how accountants got away with murder

    Tuesday 16 January 2018
    LG01, Professor Stuart Hall Building, Goldsmiths, University of London
    At 18:30
    Often perceived as dull, the secretive world of international accountancy has grown, cockroach-like, in stature even as the financial world crashed in 2008. Safe from real censure, the world’s biggest accountancy firms have evolved into behemoths – there to encourage tax avoidance, to prop up anti-democratic movements, to push sometimes damaging deregulation, even to infiltrate the machinery of the state. Richard Brooks comes to the CIJ to talk about how bean counters lurched from the professional watchdogs of capitalism into its cheerleaders and the architects of its biggest crises, and what that means for everyone else. 
    Richard Brooks is an investigative journalist for Private Eye magazine and the author of the forthcoming book Bean Counters: The triumph of the accountants and how they broke capitalism.
    Chair: Tom Sanderson, CIJ. 
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